ELEMNT.STORE Free 808s For Serum
ELEMNT.STORE Free 808s For Serum

ELEMNT.STORE Free 808s For Serum

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This FREE pack features 40 expertly crafted & essential 808 presets for Serum.

In the pack you’ll find everything from 𝓈𝒾𝓂𝓅𝓁𝑒 subs to d̹̾is͕̕t̮͚́͛o͈͇͗̌r̫̍tȇ͍d trap music 808s. Macros are fully tweakable to color your sounds & each preset is made to fit the production of modern music with minimal external processing.

Enjoy these free presets & show them in use with an IG @ELEMNT.STORE tag & #ELEMNTmade ✌


Elemnt.Store Exclusive

  • What you make with this pack is all yours! 🥇 Please do not include the creator of the pack in your song title, features, credits or metadata.
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All releases are by industry experienced artists & producers, ensuring each ELEMNT.STORE pack is crafted to the highest studio quality & production-ready standard ✔

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